Tuesday, 10 May 2011

my last names meaning

I had a dream today where i was waiting at the toronto Go station underneath the CN tower. it was quite odd because i had no idea why i was there. I also had my pet rat with me and my cell phone and for some reason i felt lost. I couldn't get on any trains that were going by because i had no idea where to go. I kept calling a lady that i was supposedly trying to spend the day with. This lady was an old friend of my mothers and i had no business hanging out with her because i barely even know her but in the dream i was trying to get to where ever she was. 

So here i was, on a platform, with no one around me and no trains coming. My rat is restless and i kept trying to put it back into the bag i had found. I had no idea why i had even thought to bring the pet, so it must have been because i forgot to put him back in his cage, so therefore it was too late and i had to work at keeping him secure so he would not run away.

I found myself sitting on the ledge of the platform waiting, when a train conductor came out of nowhere, asking if i needed any help. Of course i was in fair need of assistance as to where the hell i had to go so i told him to wait a moment while i asked the lady over the phone where she lived and then i would have him help me figure out which train go get on. this ended up fading and that happened to be the end of my dream.

Before the man confronted me, however i had found a sheet of paper that would allow me to get onto the train and i had realized that there was a last name written on the paper and all i had to do was write my first and it would be a go. I knew what the last name was in my dream but as i woke up i had realized that the last name was in fact MY last name.

My Dream Dictionary:

under Name it tells me that:   If in fact the word you read or hear in your dream is your name, it is likely that your attention is drawn to the person you are.  you may also want to do some research on the true meaning of your name, as some believe it teaches the most important lesson we need to learn in life.

A few days ago i was hanging out with my friend Sarah and we were at her fathers house and she was telling him about what she had found out about what their last name had meant. As i was listening to her i was thinking about how i had wanted to know the meaning of my last name as well. 

Then i found Train and Trapped on the same page and since i haven't gotten on any train in my dream and i was more or less felt trapped during the whole time i found myself reading about how i was trapped. But even before i had read anything i had already figured out why i was feeling so trapped, it was plainly obvious. Recently i had been feeling trapped in my waking life to the point where i find myself getting lost in a lot of situations. That had been the basic definition in my dream dictionary anyways.

After reading what my dream dictionary was telling me about seeing my last name in my dream i realize how important dreams are. I don't dream often but when i do they are usually bizarre and fantasy-like and so just recently i have been very interested in how they work and what they're trying to tell us. Dreams fascinate me and i'm going to post most dreams i have on this blog from now on and share my dreams with you.

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